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Dumb and Dumber (1994)
After a woman leaves a briefcase at the airport terminal, a dumb limo driver and his dumber friend set out on a hilarious cross-country road trip to Aspen to return it.
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 17.6.2024, Length: 1h 47 min
Genres: Comedy, Goldies
Rating: Unrated
The Divergent Series: Allegiant
Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare.
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 8.4.2016, Length: 2h 01 min
Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure
Rating: 12 year age limit
Robert Schwentke
Steve Jobs
Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint a portrait of the man at its epicenter.
Distributor: Myndform
Release Date: 13.11.2015, Length: 2h 02 min
Genres: Drama
Rating: Allowed
Danny Boyle
The Martian
During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.
Distributor: Max Dreifing
Release Date: 29.9.2015, Length: 2h 21 min
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Rating: 12 year age limit
Ridley Scott
Dumb and Dumber To
20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.
Distributor: Myndform
Release Date: 14.11.2014, Length: 1h 50 min
Genres: Comedy
Rating: 7 year age limit