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The Wife
A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 15.2.2019, Length: 1h 40 min
Genres: Drama
Rating: Allowed
Björn Runge
In the dark heart of a sprawling, anonymous city, TERMINAL follows the twisting tales of two assassins carrying out a sinister mission, a teacher battling a fatal illness, an enigmatic janitor and a curious waitress leading a dangerous double life.
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 6.6.2018, Length: 1h 35 min
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Rating: 16 year age limit
Vaughn Stein
Red Riding Hood
In "Red Riding Hood," Seyfried plays Valerie, a beautiful young woman torn between two men. She is in love with a brooding outsider, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but her parents have arranged for her to marry the wealthy Henry (Max Irons).
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 15.4.2011, Length: 1h 30 min
Genres: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Rating: 12 year age limit