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Back to Black
The life and music of Amy Winehouse, through the journey of adolescence to adulthood and the creation of one of the best-selling albums of our time.
Distributor: Myndform
Release Date: 12.4.2024, Length: 2h 03 min
Genres: Drama, Biography
Rating: 12 year age limit
Sam Taylor-Johnson
Two brothers try to escape their circumstances by travelling across the country for a no holds barred boxing match that becomes a fight for their lives.
Distributor: SAMfilm
Release Date: 15.1.2021, Length: 1h 30 min
Genres: Drama
Rating: 16 year age limit
Max Winkler
A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.
Distributor: Myndform
Release Date: 1.1.2015, Length: 2h 17 min
Genres: Drama, Action
Rating: 16 year age limit
Angelina Jolie